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Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience that supplements and nurtures the emotional bond between mother and baby. While breastfeeding can bring moments of incredible joy, it’s not uncommon to run into unexpected obstacles. That’s why our compassionate team of midwives offer lactation consulting services to provide support, ease discomfort, and empower you to trust your instincts and feed your little one with confidence.

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What is Lactation Care?

Breastfeeding is a personal choice that every mother makes based on her needs and those of her little one. It has a wide range of benefits for both mother and baby including meeting evolving nutritional needs, emotional bonding, and numerous health advantages. However, breastfeeding can come with highs and lows. Whether you’re currently pregnant or have recently given birth, our experienced lactation specialists are trained to support you, physically and emotionally, through your unique journey. We’ve worked with hundreds of mamas and have a 100% breastfeeding initiation rate, with 95% of clients still exclusively breastfeeding at the third month.


What to Expect When Working with Us

When you first arrive for a lactation consultation, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and guided to an exam room designed with your comfort in mind. Here you can privately discuss your concerns, goals, and questions with one of our expert lactation consultants. She’ll perform a thorough assessment and create a plan to address your specific needs which may involve demonstrating proper latch and positioning techniques, offering knowledge on how to care for your breasts, and suggesting lifestyle adjustments. 

At Alba Birth Center, we hold informed consent and respect for personal choices in the highest regard. Our midwives are dedicated to ensuring that you feel empowered and informed every step of the way. If there are alternative techniques or approaches that better align with your preferences or circumstances, we’ll gladly explore those options with you, ensuring that your breastfeeding experience is tailored to meet your unique needs and those of your precious little one. Schedule an appointment with our midwives to get started!

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Addressing Common Challenges with Confidence

Mothers come to us with a number of questions and concerns they’ve encountered while breastfeeding. No problem is too big or small and our team has successfully found solutions for a wide range of difficulties. Some of the issues we can help with include: 

  • Trouble latching or breast refusal
  • Finding proper positioning
  • Low milk supply
  • Pain or discomfort

In addition to addressing physical challenges, we take the time to emotionally support our mothers. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or simply in need of reassurance, our consultants offer a listening ear and practical advice to help you navigate the ups and downs of breastfeeding. We also provide comprehensive lactation education so you can feel confident and empowered as your relationship with your little one grows and changes. Contact our team today to schedule a free breastfeeding consultation.

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Personalized Support from Our Lactation Specialists

With their expertise, compassion, and unwavering support, our midwives are committed to helping you achieve a fulfilling breastfeeding experience. Each member of our maternity team is properly trained to practice birth, postpartum, and lactation care in Wisconsin. Whether you choose to deliver your little one at Alba or are solely looking for lactation consulting and support, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know and trust each of our incredible midwives during your time with us. We proudly support mothers at every stage of their journey and work hard to make sure every woman who walks through our doors feels seen, heard, and empowered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

How a mother feeds her baby is a personal decision she makes based on her needs and the needs of her little one. Choosing to breastfeed provides many positives for mother and baby including supplementing the emotional bond formed at birth, providing optimal nutrition for your little one, and protecting against health issues.

Can a lactation consultant help with bottle feeding?

Yes! Our midwives are experts on all things newborn care and happy to support you with bottle feeding your little one. We can help with proper positioning, feeding aversion or refusal, formula recommendations, learning hunger cues, and so much more.

How can I increase my milk supply while breastfeeding?

There are lots of ways to increase your milk supply while breastfeeding including feeding your baby whenever they’re hungry, making sure your baby latches properly, eating a healthy diet, massaging your breasts, and pumping. The midwives at Alba are lactation experts and can suggest the most effective ways to boost your supply that fit your personal needs and lifestyle.

If I didn’t give birth at Alba can I still schedule a lactation consultation?

Yes! We proudly work with all mothers in the Fox Valley area looking for support with breastfeeding. Reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs and schedule an appointment.

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