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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Alba Birth Center?

At Alba Birth Center, we know that you’ll always remember the birth of your baby.  It’s an integral part of your life, your partner’s life and your baby’s life. You may not remember every detail but you will absolutely remember how you are spoken to and treated – how you are touched, how people enter and exit your space, how they communicate, and when they choose to do so. All these things will be a part of your birth memories, and they shape how you feel about the whole experience.

For this reason, it is important to choose your birthplace and birth team with care and intuition. You deserve to be treated with the highest respect, autonomy, love, and awe.

We recognize birth as a normal physiological process that your body was created for.  It’s a process that shouldn’t be rushed or unnecessarily clinical.  Alba Birth Center focuses on informed consent where you can feel confident in choosing your path while we support you to have the birth you want.

What makes Alba Birth Center different than a hospital birth?

Alba Birth Center follows the Midwifery Model of Care which is very different than the hospital.

Some major differences between Alba and the hospital are but not limited to:


  • Longer appointment times
  • FREE Childbirth Education
  • Clear informed consent
  • Unwavering support and a strong relationship with your midwives and Alba team – Access to midwives 24/7 from start of care through 6 weeks postpartum

Labor & Delivery

  • Same team your entire labor and delivery – No shift changes, no guessing which doctor is on-call
  • Walk freely throughout the birth center, eat and drink throughout labor
  • Enjoy our private, quiet atmosphere, and low lighting
  • Minimal interventions
  • Waterbirth

Immediately Postpartum

  • Facilitate the Golden Hour – an uninterrupted hour immediately after birth where you, baby and your partner bond in bed
  • Unlimited breastfeeding support
  • Delayed cord clamping – Alba’s definition of delayed cord clamping is at least one hour


  • Midwife provides care to you and your baby through 6 weeks postpartum – you will see your Midwife at 24 hours, Week 1, Week 3 and Week 6. Additional visits as needed!
Why does Alba Birth Center have such good outcomes?

Alba Birth Center provides care to low-risk patients and babies.  Our focus is on the prevention of problems through nutritional support, education and exercise.  We walk along side of you throughout your pregnancy allowing you to be prepared and confident in your ability to labor and delivery naturally.  Pregnancy, labor & delivery, birth, recovery and breastfeeding have all better outcomes when the person is educated and well-supported!

If I choose Alba Birth Center, do I need to see a physician also?

Alba Birth Center provides complete maternity care from the time you find out you’re pregnant through six weeks postpartum.  Our midwives are your primary care provider as long as you and baby remain low risk.  If a situation arises, we will refer you to a qualified physician in the area or you may visit a doctor of your choice.  Very few of our patients have required complete transfer of care due to risk factors.

I’ve been seeing another care provider; can I still transfer my care to Alba Birth Center?

Absolutely! We’ve had patients transfer care as late as 38 weeks.

Do you offer care to VBAC patients?

Yes!  First step is to schedule a consultation with a midwife to discuss details of your previous cesarean.

Do you allow waterbirths?

Absolutely! Each birth suite has a spacious birth pool with ozone cleaning technology and underwater lighting to watch your baby emerge beautifully.

What happens if birth doesn't go as planned?

Although out-of-hospital birth is statistically safer for low-risk pregnancies, it does not guarantee a complication-free birth.  We are highly skilled and trained to detect and manage most birth complications.  Deviations from a normal birth often have early warning signs which permit ample time to transport to the hospital.  In the rare instance that a transport does become necessary, we have working relationships will the area hospitals and physicians and will provide a seamless transfer of care into their facility.  Continued support from the midwives will be provided even in the instance of a transfer.

How much does it cost to be a patient at Alba Birth Center?

The cost of care at Alba Birth Center is dependent on whether you’re planning to utilize insurance or if you’re planning to pay for care out of pocket.

A patient who prefers to pay out of pocket receives a 15% discount.

What is included in the cost of care at Alba Birth Center?

The cost of care at Alba Birth Center includes your Maternal & Newborn Care and the Facility Fee/Home Birth Fee.

Minimizing the financial stress of birth-related costs is a goal of ours at Alba Birth Center. We believe the large profit margin companies and hospitals make on labs and ultrasounds is wrong.  Therefore, we cover all costs of standard maternity labs and ultrasounds completed at Alba Birth Center.

How does the cost of care at Alba Birth Center compare to the cost of a hospital birth?

Most people do not realize birth centers are usually a more cost-effective option than hospitals, especially with the increase in insurance deductibles and out of pocket requirements.

The cost for an average two-day hospital stay for a vaginal delivery without complications is $15,036.87.  More importantly, this hospital cost does not include lab work, ultrasounds or interventions.


*Based on 2021 cost for a local Fox Valley hospital
Is Alba Birth Center in-network with any insurance companies?


Alba Birth Center is an in-network maternity care provider for the following insurance providers –

  1. HPS
  2. WPS
  3. Avergent
  4. Partners Health Alliance
  5. Prairie States
  6. The Alliance
  7. Christian Healthcare Ministries
  8. Holista

We proud to be the chosen maternity care provider for the following school districts in our area!!

  1. Appleton Area School District
  2. Brillion Public Schools
  3. Denmark School District
  4. Hortonville Area School District
  5. Howards Grove School District
  6. Menasha Joint School District
  7. Oshkosh Area School District
  8. Ripon Area School District
  9. Seymour Community School District
  10. School District of Weyauwega-Fremont

Click here <Covered Employers> to check out our list of employers within a 50 mile radius of Alba Birth Center with insurance plans that cover the cost of Alba’s maternity care – often at 100% coverage!

*This list is updated as of 4.15.24 and may not include all employers.*  Call us at (920) 882-6200 to see if your insurance covers Alba!

What if I have insurance but Alba Birth Center is not in-network?

Before your first prenatal appointment, our Clinical Coordinator will complete a Verification of Benefits and provide a detailed overview of your benefits and potential reimbursement.  While Alba Birth Center may not be in-network with your insurance provider, every insurance plan is different and may cover parts of your care.

After delivery, your insurance will be billed.  Any insurance reimbursement received will be applied to your account and any excess paid on your part will be reimbursed.  If needed and with your help, we will submit appeals to ensure you’ve received the highest reimbursement possible.

I have Medical Assistance. Will my plan cover care at Alba Birth Center?

Alba Birth Center is a Wisconsin Medicaid provider. Medicaid is billed for your Maternal & Newborn care.  The patient is responsible for paying the Facility Fee/Home Birth Fee.

Can I set up a payment plan?

Alba Birth Center offers eight month payment plans regardless of when you start your care.

Automatic withdrawals can be pulled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Alba Birth Center may approve extended payment plans for patients experiencing financial hardship.

What happens if I transfer out of care?

If you transfer out of care prior to laboring at Alba Birth Center, you will only be billed for services rendered. Any amount overpaid at the time of transfer will be refunded.

If you transfer to the hospital after laboring at Alba Birth Center, you will be charged the full cost of care.  Upon discharge from the hospital, your Alba Birth Center Midwives will continue with your postpartum and newborn care through six (6) weeks postpartum.

Additionally, insurance will be billed for services rendered.

I have a health savings account (HSA/FSA). Can I use it for care at Alba Birth Center?

Definitely! Often HSAs have debit cards that allow for prepayments and if so, you can apply that to your account. FSAs do not allow for prepayments. If this is your situation, contact the Alba Birth Center Director to work out an alternate payment arrangement.

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