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No Two Births Are the Same

Every birth at Alba Birth Center is a cherished experience where midwives and expectant families come together to witness the miracle of life. Our incredible midwives support families in every way as they cultivate their own birth experiences, rooted in respect, dignity, and unwavering compassion. This story is just one example of the unique care and empowerment we offer. Contact our team to schedule a free consultation if you’re interested in learning more about our services.

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Midwife Katie here! I would love to share this beautiful birth story from my perspective if that is okay with everyone.

This second time Alba family, who also happen to be dear friends of mine, called to share the news that they would be welcoming a second baby and they wanted to come to Alba again. Of course we were all excited! Especially for me personally…I was so very touched to be honored with the privilege to watch this momma be re-born a new woman yet again.

The prenatal visits were light and filled with laughter. Each visit brought us closer to her due date. You see, her first baby made her work. Obviously every labor makes the mother work, but this particular birth was long and hard, and when her first baby emerged, he had wrapped himself up in his cord so tight, making labor and pushing longer than anticipated. So, as we all moved through this current pregnancy, the memories of that labor dance lingered somewhere in the corners of the exam room.

I always said to this momma, this birth will not be the same, because it cannot be. No mother ever journeys the exact same path. So by nature, it will be different.

As the day approached, we were checking in with each other frequently. I would always remind her, “even if I am not on call, Hanna will call me because I would love to witness your birth again.” There is something special about following these mothers through multiple pregnancies and then sitting in the presence of them bringing another baby. It is the most touching experience.

The day came where labor began and this time it WAS different. But here is the part of the story where I tell you I ALMOST MISSED THE BIRTH! Not because I was at home sleeping or on vacation. I was in the basement of the birth center teaching a class of 54 people. I knew this momma was upstairs laboring but I assumed we had several hours of laboring ahead of us due to how long her first was. I taught and taught, joking about the fact that I may need to run if I get a text that his momma was delivering…I was NOT going to miss it! The class wrapped up, no text from the other midwife, so I stayed downstairs and chatted with a few couples after class.

Finally I made my way up the back set of stairs at Alba, opened the doors to the birth center and hear a mother roaring her baby down. A sound that I am so familiar with. I freeze in my tracks and look around. No way could it be her already. I meet Hanna somewhere in the hallway and she says “She’s doing it!!!!!” We bust through the door of the Meadow birth suite and see her PUSHING! I settled in, calmed myself down, and ten minutes later, her sweet girl is born into her parents hands. With huge eyes we all cried and laughed and, wow, was it a whirlwind. Only 13 minutes of pushing!

Sweet Cecelia, 8lb 1oz, welcome to the world. You are one loved girl!

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